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Black Market

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Authors Note: This is a little project that I got started on in my Fantasy/Sci-Fi class.  It is just a little bit of free writing.  Tell me what you think!

Austin typed madly on his keyboard.  If he didn’t finish soon his parents would get home and find him with a computer.  A computer of all things!  Who would have ever guessed that Austin had a computer?  His parents were out to dinner and thought that he was at home reading a book about mining.  No.  He couldn’t possibly stand one more Government book about mining.  Not since he had learned about computers.

The Government had outlawed computers years ago.  The history books said that they had been banned along with cell-phones, music players, and radios in 1941 because of viruses ruining the Government databases, but Austin knew otherwise.  He had found out while…. reading that they actually hadn’t been banned until 2015.  Then after he found out that it had only been 50 years, he started trying to get his hands on one.

Chapter 1

It started with him making a few more friends.  He realized that if he was going find the most illegal thing in the country, that he was going to have to find some people to help him out with it. He started hanging out with people like Brody May.  Brody was one of those kids that you generally steer clear of.  He was always lurking in the back of the classroom.  His hair was straight and sharp, giving it the look of an edge. It was pitch black with highlights of dark green running through it making him look even more dangerous.  He was rumored to have all sorts of things on the black-market. He had been arrested six times for the illegal sale of items.  But every time the Government had to release him for the lack of evidence.  No one wanted to get on his bad side.  He was the kind of kid that could make some serious trouble for you.

Austin decided to approach him one day during their lunch break.  He slowly gained Brody’s trust and they eventually became friends.  It had only taken him three months.  He was expecting much longer due to the fact of how careful Brody had to be in order to not leave any evidence or witnesses for the Government to find.  Austin had to do all sorts of small tasks and dangerous drop offs before Brody would even admit that he sold other things than just music players.  It was a security precaution that Brody always took.  Normally, risking your freedom to deliver an illegal item just for a friendship would get rid of all of the spies.

Then he finally let Austin start to deliver bigger things such as radios and cell-phones.  After a few more weeks of that, Brody decided that Austin was a trusted source.  He began to let him make sales and collect thirty-percent of the profit of those.  To make any real money, you had to pick up cash in strange alley ways with people that might just kill you.  It took real nerve to attempt and even more skill to survive.  More than once, Austin found himself delivering an item he had sold only to find out that the buyer didn’t want to pay but would rather just kill him instead.  He had learned the hard way how to escape a potential killer in the streets without the police noticing.  Now he was truly in on Brody’s business.

“Look,” Brody said one day after school, “I’m going to give you a really big assignment here.  You don’t have to take it if you don’t want to.” He paused for a second and looked around.  They were standing in an alley way between two grocery stores. “I have a very big potential customer, but he has some very big friends in some very big places.  I need someone to be my face.  So far we’ve only communicated through cell-phone so he doesn’t know what I look like.  I can’t let him know who I actually am so that I can pull out at anytime. Now, this is where I want you.  You’ve been working with me for a while now and I think you know your way around street… etiquette.  So, if you want to, I will split this deal with you fifty-fifty.”  Austin looked up at the top story of the building and then back down at Brody.

“I don’t know man, it sounds pretty dangerous.  Not even you will meet with him face to face.”  His voice stayed even, not giving away that the adrenaline pumping through his body almost made him jump up and down.  Brody was opening his mouth to speak, but Austin cut him off. “It does sound pretty fun, pretending to be Black-market Brody.  And if it’s as big as you say, I should get a pretty nifty profit out of it. So what do I need to do?”
Brody smiled a wicked smile. “Okay, first, let’s talk about the customer.” Brody put his arm around Austin and they started to walk. “His name is Joseph Expo, he’s an Arabic translator for the government.  He has been working with some pretty dangerous people but he’s finally realized that he can make twice what he’s making now if he starts to work with them.  He wants to be the liaison between us and his clients.”

“Arabic!  That’s a pretty high position!  Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Austin interjected excitedly.

Brody was quiet for a minute as they turned onto Shiri’qa Drive.  Arabic was spoken by the mercenary groups of the Government: CIA, FBI, etc.  Basically, they were dealing with people that could crush anybody. “No, I’m not sure it’s a safe idea, but the benefit of this risk is massive.  We would have a contact in the Government and we would make a bigger profit to make our business into a company.”

“Okay, I’ll do it, but that fifty-percent better be good.”  They turned another corner and saw a police man a few yards away.

“Well, that’s all I needed to ask. “ Brody’s voice dropped to less than a whisper, “For the first couple of weeks, you are going to only talk to him by email, which means you are going to need a computer.  I’ll have one dropped off at the pick-up by tomorrow.  Then you will be responsible for your own well being.  Remember, this is really risky, don’t mess anything up.”  Brody dropped his arm and turned into another alley way.  Austin stood there for another minute and then began to walk again.

He had been preparing for this moment since he had met Brody.  He had already hollowed out a space in the bottom of an air-vent in the floor of his room where he could keep it.  Now he just had to learn how to use one.

Chapter 2

            Austin walked into the library the next morning.  He looked at the shelves where they kept the non-fiction book.  Le’ts see, he thought, I need something simple enough to be a school project, but strange enough to be in the back room of the archives… He scanned the section he was in and found a book on rare diseases.  Perfect he thought it’s been gone long enough that it should be in the back room but it’s a good mystery to do a school report on.  He grabbed a random book and put five dollars into it.  When he closed it he could just barely see the bill sticking out of the bottom.

He walked over to a lone kid at one of the long tables and tapped him on the shoulder. “What do you want?” The kid asked.

“Hey, I’ll pay you five bucks if you call the librarian to help you with something in about five minutes okay?” Austin could tell this kid was suspicious, but he knew that he would take it for five bucks.

“Deal.” The kid went back to reading his book on behavioral psychology and how it pertains to prison.  Austin slipped the book onto the table in front of the boy and started to walk towards the librarian. Hmmmm, he thought, how to phrase this question.

“Hi, I’m looking for a book on the radical electrons found in the cells of a human.  Do you by chance have anything on that?” The librarian slowly looked up with the I hate children look on his face.

“Did you check the shelves?”  Austin nodded. “Okay, how bout you come look in the back room with me.”  The man gestured towards a door that was behind the counter.  Austin walked through a little gate and followed the man into the room.  The place was stacked full of books.  Shelves and shelves of them lined the walls, and there were piles of them on the floor and on the desks. “Okay, cancer would probably fall under extinct diseases so… it should be right over there.” The librarian pointed.  Austin began to walk over to the pile when he heard the kid calling.

“Librarian!  Librarian!  I need some help with this book.  The page has fallen out!”

“Well, I have to go and attend to that. So you get what you want.”  The librarian drawled as he walked out of the room.  As soon as he was out of sight, Austin ran over to the section on electronics.

Nora’s Doll

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Nora sat up abruptly as she woke up from the nightmare she was having. She looked around the room making sure that the clown wasn’t trying to find her. The blinds on the window were open just a crack, letting moonlight stream through and make a pattern on the floor. Her door was open showing a dark hallway right outside of her bedroom. The house creaked, making Nora swing her head back to the closet. Could there be something out there, she thought. She began to lie back down, trying not to think about it. As her head hit the pillow, she realized that she didn’t have her doll with her. She had fallen asleep on the way home from Grandma’s house, and her dad had carried her to her bed. But he had forgotten one of the most important things: Nora’s favorite doll Sally. She had been sleeping with her since she was two. There was no way that she was going to fall back asleep without it.
Still trying to not think about the window, she threw the covers aside and gingerly put her bare feet on the ground. The carpet in her bedroom was soft, making her more at ease. She began tip-toeing over to the door, trying not to make any noise. When she got to the door, she poked her head out just enough to see into the hallway. Nope, no clown there either. She stepped onto the cold hard-wood floor. From behind her, she heard the creaking sound again. She whirled around to only see the old grandfather clock sitting against the wall. It read 1:54. She had been sleeping for three whole hours.
She turned back to the matter at hand. She crept down the hallway, passing her parents room, the dining room, and her little brother’s room. Now there were only two closed doors left at the end of the hallway, the playroom and the storage room. Nora hated the storage room. It had all of the ugly forgotten things in it. Luckily she wouldn’t have to go in there; she would just have to run passed it. She stood about four feet in front of the storage room door, working up her courage and getting ready to run the rest of the way. A small creak behind her made up her mind. She bolted to the playroom, ran inside, and closed the door behind her.
As she caught her breath, she turned around to face the rest of the playroom. It’s very dark in here, she thought. She looked around, still trying to find the clown. Nothing there either. She spotted sally on the windowsill, a slits of moonlight shining on her through the open blinds. Another creak behind the door made Nora jump. She ran to the window-sill and grabbed Sally. As she hugged sally, she noticed that there was a small tear her beautiful green dress. She looked at the tear, wondering how it got there.
Nora heard the door began to open and immediately jumped behind a rocking horse to hide from the clown. She watched from in between the horse’s legs as the door opened more. When it had opened enough, somebody walked in. Nora started shaking. What do I do if the clown finds me? Where do I go? She started looking for an escape route. When she swung her head back to see where the clown was, she saw its feet standing right in front of the horse.
“Nora, what are you doing here? I thought that you were asleep.” Her mom’s voice rang through the darkness. “Why are you hiding behind a rocking horse?”
“Sorry Mom,” Nora responded. “I woke up and I couldn’t go back to sleep without Sally, I had to come get her. Then I thought you were the evil clown from my dream and I hid behind the rocking horse.” Nora started to stand up when there was a small thump from behind her. She turned to see another one of her dolls on the floor. Her mom walked over and put it back on the shelf, right in between her doll with the red dress, and her doll with a blue dress.
“Okay, well now you can go back to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.” Her mom began to walk towards the door.
“Wait, Mommy!” Nora cried, “Sally’s dress is ripped, can you fix it?” Her mom took the doll room her carefully and looked at the rip. She played with the fabric in between her thumb and forefinger.
“Yeah, I think I can, but it will have to wait till tomorrow. Now you go right to bed and I’ll see you and Sally at breakfast.” She gave back Sally and walked out of the room. Nora started to follow behind her and realized that she hadn’t said goodbye to the other dolls. She turned back around looking towards the dolls. The doll that had fallen had switched places with the doll in the blue dress. Hmmm . . . I swear that you were in the middle. She thought on it for a minute more and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. She had forgotten to say goodbye to the other dolls.
As the door closed, the doll with the blue dress blinked.

The Knight of Nectar

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The Knight of Nectar has decided to split off of this blog and start his own. You should all go and read his blog. The address is:


All of his posts have been moved over to his site. I think that he also is starting on a big project that you should all go and check out.

Posting Once a Week

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Okay, so wordpress is doing something called Post a Week. Since I’m starting a big project I thought it would be a good idea to try it. So, I am going to start posting parts of my big project once a week. My first post will probably be what the project is and how I’m going to do it.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to this article: https://writeos.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/dannys-big-project/
and vote for what you want me to do. Can’t wait!

Okay, so I want to see what you guys write. I went and found a creative writing prompt in some random far off unknown place of the internet. I want you guys to leave a comment that answers the prompt.

Here’s the Prompt:

In a paragraph describe the setting for a haunted house.


I’ll post mine too.

The house is painted dark gray. The paint is literally peeling back from the mildew encrusted walls. There is one window in the room. The glass has turned yellow with age causing the light shafts to be a dark, musty, yellow. Dust floats around the room, only to be seen in the light. There are two couches in the room. Both are covered in dust clothes that flow over the floor giving them ghostly looks. In the corner, there is a scorched fireplace with logs still in it. The carpet is the color of dried blood. It gives off the smell of antiques that everybody knows so well. The lights in the room are old style lamps on the walls. The glass on most are cracked, and none of them work anymore. The door into the room is newer. It is an dark oak door with the grains of wood are seen throughout.

Hopefully that was okay. Please give me any kind of help! Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your own paragraph. I really want to see how you guys write!


Random Introduction

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It all started with a dream. I specifically remember standing in a field. The air was stale with smell of rotting plants. It was as if you could watch the plants grown and die, right before your eyes. As it turned out time didn’t work.
As I stood there, I noticed something move. As I turned my head to look at it, I saw something else. It was coming at me fast. I had two choices to choose from: I could run, or I could jump. If I ran, then they would probably outrun me anyway. If I jumped, they would just bite my legs off.
Too late of course, I chose to run. By the time my mind kicks into reflexes and I start to run, I am thrown off my feet by one of the things.
The air came out of me in one big gush of air, as I flew through the air time seemed to slow down. I was slowly doing an spiral like aerial towards a stone wall. I could see the two beast backs also moving through the grasses. Trees fell down and disintegrated before my eyes. Just as a willow tree started to fall I felt a sharp pain rise up into my chest. I landed hard and rolled the rest of the way into the wall.
The metallic taste of blood flooded my mouth. I was about to sink into unconsciousness when the foulest thing I have ever smelled flowed into my nose. It put my whole body into convulsive fits. As I was convulsing I got a couple of glances at my attackers. (Luckily they were the same ones as before)
The first one I saw made me think of an oversized grease monkey. He was a large man with small squinty eyes and a large pot belly. A tooth poked out of his mouth at a jagged angle. His pointed tail waved back and forth and his feet…his feet were monstrous! Wait was that a tail I just saw. I took a couple more steps back. The second attacker could only be described as one thing, oversized mutated bulldog human that had recently lost a bar fight.
Both of the offenders stood there holding long curved blue knives. I, on the other hand, had nothing. I grabbed the first thing that I felt, which of course happened to be nothing other than a flimsy branch. I searched around the ground one more time and felt a good sturdy stick. I grabbed it and tried to get off the ground but pain in my legs overwhelmed me. Both creatures shuffled over to me. They both glared at me. I couldn’t escape, there was a stone wall to my back and two huge creepy looking… things… to my front. Both tensed and then pounced.
I was scared to death not knowing what to do. Then a thought came into my mind, at school I had been learning about double attacks. This was obviously my first encounter . I was trying to quickly think through all of the defensive strategies I had learned. As I decided which move I should make, I noticed that the creatures were closer than they had been before. They hit me over the head and blackness over took me.
I woke up possibly hours later. It was all just a dream. Because of the hit on the head (in the dream) , a dull pain resided over my entire body. I felt like my stomach was literally about to come back out of my mouth, and I was sure that my foot was twisted at least seven-hundred-twenty degrees. As I lay there, I remembered what had happened. It must just be side effects from my mind thinking I was hurt.
I tried to bring my head up but the pain knocked my brain around. Blackness threatened to take over again. I waited for a little while more. I was about to try to look up again, when I heard footsteps and breathing. I tried to play dead as to not let the creature see I was conscious.
“Matt. Matt, Matt, Matt.” A familiar voice started to talk. “I thought you were better than that. I thought I had taught you how to defend yourself. I specifically remember giving you the textbook on NOT freaking out in battle. What happened out there?”
I brought my head up to see my teacher, Mr. Siqy. That was when my whole first term of schooling came back to me.
“Sorry Matt, but you have failed.”
Oh… that’s right… it wasn’t a dream… it was my mid-term.

Two Different Eyes

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Authors Note:  Yet another prompt from my English teacher.  Everybody in the class had to write on the prompt, “I have a green eye and a brown eye.  The green eye sees the truth, but the brown sees much, much more.”  This is what I wrote.  Hope you enjoy it!

The darkness seemed to ripple around me as I stepped through the window.  The sense of just being in this house was horrific.  I could already see where it had taken place.  The first thing I saw was the smell.  The smell being emitted from the carpet was very faint.  Someone had tried to cover it up, but I could still see it.

It was a somewhat metallic smell.  It gave off more of silver and red smells.  Obviously this had been murder.

Now, some of you might be confused, “What kind of typo is that.  Seeing smell.”.  Well actually, it isn’t a typo.  You see, I was born with a green eye and a brown eye.  The green eye sees the truth, but the brown sees much, much more.

I can literally see smells and tastes.  After a lot of practice I can tell the differences.   The police value my ability.  They hired me because I could tell what had happened at a crime scene just by looking at it.  I could also track down the culprit by their smell.  Every person has an individual smell.  You just had to look for it.

My sergeant was standing next to me.  In less than a second, I grabbed his gun and kicked him in the chest.  This propelled him back through the window we had entered.  Then I went after the murderer.  I ran through the city.  All the different smells were disorienting, but years ago, I had learned to single out smells. I had learned to follow that one smell I was following.   I followed  the murderer’s smell to the freeway.  It was one o’clock in the afternoon.  There were no cars around.  The murderer had taken off into the scorching  desert.

“Even better,” I muttered, “I will be able to find him that much easier.”

As I took off into the desert,  the smell of baked clay and sand was orange.  I could see a trail of the scent of red blood weaving through it.  Diesel black intermingled he was definitely in a big diesel truck.  I searched, but there were no traces of any other smell.  So he was alone.  I leaped aboard a truck which headed in the same direction.  The city fell behind and the mountains rose up ahead.  Suddenly the trail veered off the road.  I jumped off and rolled straight into a solid oak tree.  Something cracked.  As I started to sit up I saw the grey coming off of the fungus I had landed on.

I also saw heat radiating off of a diesel truck.  There was a man leaning on it watching me.  As soon as I got up, I threw a punch straight at his face.  Instead of connecting with his nose, my hand connected with the truck window.  Glass punctured my hand.  The man took the opportunity of my surprised pain and kicked my feet out from under me.  His dexterity didn’t cease to amaze me.  In the time that I was falling to the ground he shot a punch straight to the my shoulder.  It caused me to cart-wheel through the air and onto the ground.  My gun dropped from my hand and skid to under the truck.  I looked up only to get a kick to the face.  I could feel, and smell, the blood start to come from my nose.

Luckily for me, I had been in a couple of fights before.  I swung my hand out just as his foot came back from the kick.  I grabbed his ankle and pulled.   He flung out onto the ground just next to me.  I jumped to my feet to get the advantage.  I looked down at the murderer.  I looked down at  many different smells.  This was the man I was looking for.  This was my enemy.  He too, had two different colors in his eyes.  His eyes, however, didn’t see smell.  His eyes saw how things worked.  Mostly, his eyes saw the flaws in bank vaults and rich men’s windows.   He made the ultimate criminal.  But I had found him.  It was done.  I could now relax.

I heard the police sirens approach us.  I kicked out his hand as he grabbed for my gun.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.  Not this time.”  I said as I looked down at him.  I  could literally see the smell of his strong emotions, defeat, fear, and… and… and  there was something else.  I could smell… respect.  He respected me for catching him.  I had done what no one could do before me.   The sergeant  pulled up and stepped out of his car.  As he walked past me to put the handcuffs on the criminal, he shouldered me straight into the truck.  Ouch, that was going to leave a bruise in the morning.


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Yes!! NaNoWriMo is about to start!! In fact, it starts on November 1st. I am definitely going to try it this year. I think that I will continue my Village story, that is, unless I have some amazing inspiration in less than a month. Hopefully it goes well!

For more info on NaNoWriMo visit their website at http://www.nanowrimo.org/


P.S. You should all enter too! It would be way fun!!


Facebook Page

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Hey, we just started a Facebook page!! Everybody who likes this website should go and “like” our Facebook Page and then share it will all of your friends!! Just type “WriteO’s” into the search bar. Our page is the one with the burning book!! Please “Like” it!!