Posted: August 11, 2010 in Random

The street light at the end of the street flickered once and then went out.  It had been a long day and I only wanted to get home.  But how could I go home?  How could I face my family?  Not after what I had done today.  No, I absolutely couldn’t face them again.  It wasn’t my fault though.  Greg had made me.  I had no choice, right?

Well, I guess I have thoroughly confused you all by now.  Let me back up a week or two.

I remember the night distinctly.  I had actually been walking in about two alleys down from where I am standing now.  I remember walking past an alley thinking, “Crap, I hate living in the city.  Whenever I walk home there’s like a fifty-five percent chance I get mugged.”  Quite ironically, not two seconds after I had thought that, a guy popped out and tackled me.  I went flying through the air with my assailant.  We hit the ground with a slapping thud.  I was dazed.  I lay sprawled across the ground watching the night sky.  I couldn’t remember how I had gotten there or anything.

That’s when the person stepped into view.  Within in seconds, I had swept their legs out from under them.  I had no idea how I had just done that.  I never took Karate or anything.  In fact, as a kid, I was more of a nerd than the sporty type. I was still pondering this as I realized the person was laying next to me.  I got up as fast as I could and got ready for a fight.  The person didn’t get back up.  They obviously hadn’t expected that kind of blow from me.  I started to survey the scene a little bit.

The person was wearing all black.  They had a mask with some strange logo on it.  The logo was a lightning bolt hitting a speaker.  What was it?  Why was the man wearing it?  I thought it might just be a brand name for a mask.  Oh, how mistaken I was.  Anyway, the street was still silent, apparently nobody had heard our brawl, or at least they didn’t want to hear it.  Yet another thing I hate about the city.

The man was starting to come to.  His eyes started to flicker open.  I hurried and pulled the mask off to see who it was.  It was Greg, my co-worker.

“Greg, what in the crap are you doing?!”  I screamed, “Is this a practical joke, or where you really trying to mug me?”  Well, as it turns out, he really was trying to mug me.  You see, he Greg was actually in need of money.  He had a lot of debt, and no way to pay it off.

“You see,”  He explained, “I am currently trying to join a… group.  This group has promised to pay my whole debt, if only I can make it past their initiation.”  (If it had been a movie, ominous music would have started to play).

I obviously asked him what this group was called.

“I can only give you their code name,  telling you their real name would only bring us both misery.  A lot of misery.” He replied, “They call themselves the LoudFlash.”  Oh, that would explain the logo on his mask.

“Please man!!  I need help.  Their initiation means getting three-thousand dollars.  I don’t know if I can do this alone.  Will you please help me?”

That brought me up to today.  I had been at work when Greg approached me.

“Hey, how’s it going?” He asked, “So, I was wondering,” his voice got quieter, “I got a job for you.  It will only take two hours.  Here’s the plan.”  He handed me a black and silver flash drive.  ” The password is teeth-702.  Remember that.”  Then he walked away.

I walked back to my desk and plugged the flash drive in.  A password popped up.  I looked around to make sure nobody was watching, then I typed it in.  Only three-seconds later did a blueprint of a toothpaste factory pop up.  Apparently, the plan was to break into this specific toothpaste factory and steal the secret recipe for the fresh minty taste.  My job in the whole plan was to sell them a program to the company.  This specific program would allow access to the pass-card that Greg had.

The whole plan went according to plan.  I sold them the program for seven-hundred dollars.  Nice sell, huh!  The rest of the day, I had felt guilty.  In fact, that sums up everything until now.  The street light I’m passing flickers but stays on.  I jump at the sound of my phone buzzing.  Email, I thought.  I pull out my phone and check the email.  Blocked.  The sender is blocked.  I didn’t even know that you could do that.  After I have opened it up, I realize who it’s from.  It reads:

So, I here you write software.  You’re a computer wiz.  Good, that is exactly what I need.  I hope you are also pretty good with hardware, you will definitely be needing both of those skills to get past your initiation.  Anyway, you will have to email me back if you want the job.  I’d really think about it if I were you.  You don’t want to end up in a lot of trouble.


Under the signature was their classic logo.  The lightning bolt striking the speaker.

I walked on a little longer thinking about it, but my mind was already set.  How could you turn that down.  Bad things happen to people who turn down the mafia.  My fingers deftly found the keyboard and typed in three letters.  Y-E-S.

Hence I got started in business with the LoudFlash Mafia.


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