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Vleck woke to the sound of squealing birds.  The sun was just peeping through the farmhouse window.  Vleck slowly got up and got dressed, he wasn’t ready for another day of training.  He knew that the contest was only a day away and he needed every minute he could spare, but it just wasn’t fun.  Master Horen was brutal when it came to bow-staff practice.  Vleck would know, he still had bruises from last week.

Vleck bent down to pick up his belt, as soon as he did there was a crash of breaking glass.  He stood up almost immediately.  An arrow sailed straight into his belt and stuck it to the wall.

“Hah!!  Perfect shot!  I’m easily going to win the Archery competition tomorrow!” His sister bragged, “Well at least one of us is going to win a competition.  You’re late for practice and Master Horen is pretty mad.  If I were you, I’d put on a full suit of armor to go to practice.  He’s gonna whoop you silly.”  She started to walk away.

“Senna,” Vleck started, “You were supposed to wake me up when it was time.  You said you would.”

Senna’s light brown hair started to bounce as she began to laugh. “Well… I just got so caught up in my shooting.  Sorry.”  Senna walked away and left Vleck looking through the broken window.  He yanked the arrow out of his belt and put it on.  Then he broke the arrow in half and threw it in the hearth.

“Ahh!  Horen’s gonna kill me.  I better stay on guard.”  He grabbed his staff and walked out the door.  He proceeded cautiously through the yard, taking care not to walk by any bushes that Horen could be hiding.  In the distance, he could hear Senna’s arrows making marks in trees.  He could hear the birds squeal as she snuck up and shot them for dinner that night.   Vleck started thinking about food.  His stomach growled.  He couldn’t have breakfast until after practice.  Practice! He thought, and as soon as he did, something hard swept his feet out from under him.

Immediately, he used his staff as a base and did a back handspring.  Ooo.  Bad choice.  Horen was too quick.  His staff connected with Vlecks stomach and sent him sprawling across the ground.

“Ha!  Being late for practice again.  How many times do I have to tell you?!  I-CAN’T-WAIT-FOR-YOU!!  I have things to do, places to go, people to hurt.  I can’t stand around and wait for you all morning.  Now get up!  You’re going to have to work twice as hard as you normally do!”  Vleck got up as fast as he could.  “Now,” Heron continued, “the contest is in under a week and you still act like fighting is about showing off your… Gymnast skills.  It’s not!  It’s about anticipation, speed, and strength.”  Heron limped over and leaned on a tree.

Vleck happened to have a strong opinion on this subject. “No it’s not about strength!!  It is only about speed and dodges!  You should know that!  Remember how you got that limp.  Fighting an archer with a bow staff is idiotic.   If you could dodge that arrow would have missed you and your leg would still be fine!”  This was another bad move on Vleck’s part.  Immediately after finishing this sentence Vleck realized his mistake.

Horen’s staff whipped into motion.  It spun so fast you could only see it as a blur.  Vleck had a great idea.  He thrust his staff into the midst of the blur.  There was a deafening crack and Vleck did an unexpected three-sixty-aerial through the air.  He hit a tree on the other side of the path.

“NEVER, and I mean never, mention that again.  I will hurt you bad, you know that, and talking about that will only get you on my bad-side.  Now, you’re going to have to work at least six times as hard as normal.  So let’s start.”  The rest of the day was a blur to Vleck.  There was lots of bruises, cuts, knock-outs, and lectures.  Horen really did work him six times harder.  He also gave him six times as much homework.  Vleck worked well into the night.  It was midnight before he was finished.  It felt great.  Working out at night was his favorite part about homework.  The moon seemed to feed him pure energy.

He could feel every drop of blood flow through his veins.  He could feel every sweat droplet on his skin.  He was aware of everything around him.  He could feel where the large oak tree was. He could tell there was a squirrel just a few feet away from where he stood.  He whipped out his staff at incredible speeds and the squirrel whirled into the air.  He brought the staff around and slammed the squirrel through the open kitchen window.  Breakfast, he thought, This bow staff competition would be easy if it were at night.  Ohhhh…Vleck started to yawn.  Well, I better get to bed if I’m gonna even try to win this competition tomorrow.

Vleck did a front-flip through his broken bedroom window.  He landed right on his bed.  He was so exhausted he didn’t even undress.  He was asleep in minutes.

This time, Senna did wake him up.  He had only been asleep a few hours.  It was only three in the morning.  He was just coming out of a long dream when he felt something coming towards him.  Immediately he grabbed his staff and whipped the projectile out of the air while rolling out of bed.  He landed in a defensive position Horen had just taught him yesterday.

“Not bad!” Senna squealed. “Maybe you do have a chance today.  Now, let’s eat breakfast and get going.  We gotta get there a little early so I can get a feel for the bows that they make us use.”

Vleck strapped his staff to his back and headed to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

They arrived at the competition half-an-hour early.   Senna immediately ran off to try out there bows. “When you get there.  First thing to do is survey their arena.  Look for every possible advantage you can find.” Master Horen’s words started to flow through Vleck’s mind. “Then, watch your opponents,  look for weak spots, personalities, and stature.” Vleck walked over to the bow staff arena.  It was relatively small.  It consisted of a pond, two huge trees, a grass floor, and rocks throughout.

Well, hopefully I can use the trees as for dodging maneuvers.  The rocks could be used for projectiles, but the rest…

Vleck started to survey his opponents.  Obviously some of the other trainers believed in the strength attribute.  There were at least five guys whose arms were the size of Vleck’s thigh.  Then there were the others who were built for speed.  When they moved, you could see their long sinewy muscle pull back and forth under their skin.

“Now, The competition will begin in five minutes!  Everybody to your positions please!”  A loud voice boomed over the crowd as Vleck began to move towards the bow staff line.  “The judges for this competition will be, Morin, the famed sword master,  Nidfor, the brutal axe-man, and Thykir our new judge.”

Hmmm… Thykir, I wander where he comes from. Vleck started to survey the judge.  Kinda old to be judging a physical competition like this isn’t…

“Our first competitors will be Vleck vs. Fonner!”

Vleck stepped into the stadium to face one of the bigger opponents that he saw.

Okay, Vlek studied him, His left side looks a tad bit weaker than his right but one hit from him and I’m out.  This is where my dodging comes in.

“GO!”  The word resounded across the stadium.  Vleck waited for Fonner to make the first move.  They started to circle.  When Vleck got one of the big trees behind him he made the first move.  He charged Fonner and made a couple of good hits.  Then, Fonner got his game on.  Fonner started hitting harder than Horen  did.  One good smack and Vleck would be out.  Vleck dodged a move that split a rock in half.

Vleck had no choice but to back into the tree.  Fonner started to laugh.  He had Vleck cornered.  Vleck faked going right then hit the tree with his feet.  He did a one-eighty-front-flip off of the tree.  While sailing through the air, he smacked Fonner in the nose with staff.  Then, he landed and hit him again in the head, then again in the neck.  Fonner fell over.  Vleck hit his kidney to flip him over and put his staff to his throat.

“We have a winner!”  The Voice boomed.  “Next we will have Li..”  The rest of the day went on the same.  Until it came down to Vleck and Linorri.  Linorri had an interesting look to him.  He looked strong but fast.  He had this way with his eyes.  It looked like he was literally seeing everything.  His eyes darted back and forth and constantly kept a tab on all of his opponents.  Vleck couldn’t make any kind of analysis on him.

The match started.  As soon as the voice said go, Linorri was on him.  He hit hard and fast.  Vleck did his best to dodge and block, but it was to no avail.  Linorri was too good. He was beating Vleck sill and they both knew it.  Vleck was about to lose consciousness when he realized something.  Linorri enjoyed hurting Vleck.  He had this sparkle in his eye every time he hit Vleck.  Vleck tried to do a back flip over the pond but his mind was too blurry.  In mid-air, Linorri smashed him down into the pond.  He landed with a splash and started to sink.

“Looks like the round is over to me.”  Vleck could hear the muffled voice through the water.  “Looks like our champion is…”

“No!!”  Thykir screamed, “Give the boy a minute.  He still has a chance.  I can tell he’s stronger than he looks.”

“Okay,” the voice boomed, “if he doesn’t get out of the water in another minute.  He loses.”

Vleck didn’t think he was going to get up.  Blackness started to envelop his vision, when he felt a strange tingling.  It was as if the water was literally giving him strength.  The feeling he got at night came to him.  He could feel Linorri outside of the pond, turned around and laughing.

Vleck flew out of the water in a three-sixty-aerial-front-flip.  He smashed his staff into Linorri’s head sending him into a backward arch.  He again landed in his defensive position.  Facing the judges.  Before Linorri had even hit the ground, Vleck was upon him again.  He smashed his hip hard enough to send him into the tree.  This time, Linorri didn’t get up.  The crowd was silent.  What just happened. Vleck thought, I was losing only two seconds ago.  Now, I just smashed the champion into a tree. He was standing there stunned when Thykir came up to him.

“You my friend,” The old man said, “are a lot more special than you think.  How would you and your sister like to come live at my village and work on your skills?”

“What skills?  Bow staff and archery?  What kind of village do you run anyway?”  Vleck asked.

“Well, let’s just say it isn’t a normal village.  I am Thykir, Seventh Mage on the Summoner’s council and overseer of the village Klanar.  I teach the art of magic and the way of good.  Your sister and yourself each hold two very special powers.  You can come with me, or you can live your boring little life only working on using a bow staff.  Which will it be?”

“I accept!  Have you already talked to my sister?” Vleck Exclaimed, “What is my power?  What can you teach me?”  He started to babble.

“Slow down, slow down.  First of all, yes, I have talked to your sister, and second, the art of magic is an art that requires much patience.  Your power will come out in good time.  For now, stand still.”  There was a flash of light and they were standing in the middle of a village.  “Vleck, welcome to my village, Klanar.”

  1. Guy Phenix says:

    Great idea i like the stories.

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