The Hrimthurssar

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Fantasy, Random
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Author’s Note:  Yet another assignment for school.  This was written for a Mythology class.  It is all about Norse Mythology.  It most definitely is not accurate.  However, this story is over two years old at this point and I really haven’t thought about it since then.  Hopefully I could spell back then.  Since I still can’t spell, I probably couldn’t back then either. Hope you Enjoy.

Lonti was a normal Hrimthurssar.  His life was boring except for the battles they had everyday in the canyons.  These battles were all planned for.  Instead of a school, they had a war almost everyday, it was training for what his parents called Ragnarok.

Lonti was born in a very strange time.  A time of great confusion and wickedness.  Magic was still at work.  The Gods were still seeing Ragnarok.  His parents were the normal Hrimthurssar.  They had grown up normal.  Fighting and beating the crap out of about everyone.

They didn’t have very much money and lived in a cave.  It was on a very stormy night that his parents had him.  The first thing that Lonti ever saw was lightning.  He grew up in that cave.  When he turned one, he was taught to stay in the cave at night because of the monsters outside it.

As soon as he had turned two years old, his parents had trained him with throwing rocks.  They said that it was the way of the giants.  Every good giant knew how t use throwing rocks.  He especially like the really small and flat river pebbles.  He learned from his brothers that they hurt the most.

By the time he turned three he could use a frost sword, a frost sword is a normal sword but it is jagged sharp, it rips not slices.  It was a grayish white.  The handle was grey, but the blade is white.  That way it is hard to see in the snow.  Every day he would duel with his brothers.  Then when it got dark, he would take on a single monster.

As soon as he had turned four, his parents sent him to the canyons and made him fight in the war.  These wars were like fighting a single monster.  The only thing that was different was that there were a lot of them.  They normally more fierce too.

When he turned five he started to go to the harder canyons.  One of them was called Kesevan.  This was a very wide canyon with a lot of boulders in it.  When he got there it looked like there was nothing in the canyon except for him and a couple of friends.  They walked forward about  two feet and stopped.

“Someone go ahead.” His friend said.

“I’ll go!”  Said Lonti.

He walked forward, a rustle came from behind him.  He looked over and his friends had taken a step back.  He walked past a boulder and WHAM!!!!!  A giant wolf jumped out and tackled him.  He threw it off and pulled out his frost sword. The next thing jumped at him was a skeleton.  Lonti had heard of them before but thought that they were just a myth.

It pulled out a scythe.  They started to fight.  It was the first thing that Lonti had fought with a weapon since he had dueled his brothers.  He had never even fought someone with a scythe.  The scythe ripped his sword out of his hand.  The skeleton was about to slice him in half when a wolf tackled him.

Immediately the wolf changed.  It’s face was that of a wolf, but it’s body was definitely human.  Lonti had seen something like that before, what was it.

I remember that it was on a wooden box.  The wooden box opened and inside was a bunch of leaves.

Then a very loud thought went through his mind.  A berserker.

Lonti reached the Berserkers sword and ripped it out of his sheath.  He then cut the Berserkers leg.  He rolled out from under him and started to fight again.

He later learned that Kesevan meant undead surprises.

Today he was especially bored because instead of a war, they had a class.  This class was a weekly thing.  In it they taught them that the Norse gods were evil, especially Thor and Odin.  The only one that wasn’t considered evil was Loki.  Lonti had only seen him once.  Loki had come to the village and told them that Ragnarok would take place soon, but that he didn’t know when.

Today they were learning about Idun.  They were reading a story about how Loki had tricked Idun into coming out of Asgard.  They didn’t mention anything else about this story.

Lonti was particularly interested in Surt, the god of fire.  He hadn’t learned much about him.  All he knew was that he would help the giants in Ragnarok, whatever that was.

As he walked out of class that day he stopped the teacher.

“What is Ragnarok anyway?” Lonti asked.

“Well,” replied the teacher. “It’s kind of complicated; I’m surprised that you don’t already know what it is.  It’s a war much worse than what you’ve been doing.”

The teacher started to walk off.  “Well, why does everyone know it is going to happen?” Asked Lonti. He sprinted up next to his teacher.

“Loki knew that the end of the world would come to an end.  He and a lot of other gods foresaw it.  It would end in a war.”

The next day Lonti went to the canyon Frol.  He had to fight in the war as usual.  This time it was harder than usual.  He had started to notice that these small wars were getting bigger and harder.  He was fighting giant falcons.

These falcons were huge, the size of a grown mortal.  Their claws would rip through flesh like a hot knife through snow.

Over seven years later, Lonti was having his birthday.  He was turning fifteen.  For a frost giants fifteenth birthday they get their armor and real weapons.  These were assigned by the seer of the village.  Black meant a very fierce warrior.  Red meant quick and light-footed.

White meant great potential and would play a huge role in Ragnarok.

Only two giants had gotten white, until now!  Lonti had received White with black lining.  His weapon was called a Swafe.  It was a bow staff with frost swords on each end.  But they could also freeze the cuts.

He immediately started to train with it.  One day he started to fight in one of the mini wars in the canyons.  He was shredding.  The falcons and wolves had no chance.

He had just got through fighting the wolf chieftain.  Then, a strike of lighting hit the cliff above him.  This caused a huge boulder to hurl down upon him.  Someone yelled something but he didn’t here it.  The boulder barely missed him.  He could see someone above him on the cliff.  They jumped off and landed on their feet unhurt.

“Ragnarok!!!!!!” The seer cried from behind.

A huge surge things, people, and animals poured off the cliff towards them.  Immediately, just like in training Lonti started to fight.  He had shredded a lot of people when he finally got to the first man who had come off the cliff.

He had a strange uneasy feeling that he’d seen him before.

“Who are you stranger?” Lonti yelled above the madness.

“Who am I?  I have led this army here under the command of my father.  I am Thor.”  The man cried.

They started to fight.  It was one of the fiercest battles that any of the Hrimthurssar’s had ever battled.

“Why,” Thor asked. “Are you fighting for Loki?  He is evil.  All he wants is the end of the world?”

In the end, Lonti had wounded Thor but had gotten defeated.  He wasn’t dead but he was really close.  While he was lying there, he had a lot of time to think.  He realized that Thor was right.  All he had been taught as a kid was to kill.  He got up and ran back to his village.  It was chaotic.  He could see someone standing out.  He was casting a spell.  It was Surt.  He could tell what he was doing.  He was making a huge fire.  Lonti ran towards him running through anyone who got in his way.  He was weak but he had just got an adrenaline rush.  He got to Surt but it was too late.  The fire had started.  He basically killed Surt.  Then everything sunk into the boiling Sea.


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