Two Different Eyes

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Random
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Authors Note:  Yet another prompt from my English teacher.  Everybody in the class had to write on the prompt, “I have a green eye and a brown eye.  The green eye sees the truth, but the brown sees much, much more.”  This is what I wrote.  Hope you enjoy it!

The darkness seemed to ripple around me as I stepped through the window.  The sense of just being in this house was horrific.  I could already see where it had taken place.  The first thing I saw was the smell.  The smell being emitted from the carpet was very faint.  Someone had tried to cover it up, but I could still see it.

It was a somewhat metallic smell.  It gave off more of silver and red smells.  Obviously this had been murder.

Now, some of you might be confused, “What kind of typo is that.  Seeing smell.”.  Well actually, it isn’t a typo.  You see, I was born with a green eye and a brown eye.  The green eye sees the truth, but the brown sees much, much more.

I can literally see smells and tastes.  After a lot of practice I can tell the differences.   The police value my ability.  They hired me because I could tell what had happened at a crime scene just by looking at it.  I could also track down the culprit by their smell.  Every person has an individual smell.  You just had to look for it.

My sergeant was standing next to me.  In less than a second, I grabbed his gun and kicked him in the chest.  This propelled him back through the window we had entered.  Then I went after the murderer.  I ran through the city.  All the different smells were disorienting, but years ago, I had learned to single out smells. I had learned to follow that one smell I was following.   I followed  the murderer’s smell to the freeway.  It was one o’clock in the afternoon.  There were no cars around.  The murderer had taken off into the scorching  desert.

“Even better,” I muttered, “I will be able to find him that much easier.”

As I took off into the desert,  the smell of baked clay and sand was orange.  I could see a trail of the scent of red blood weaving through it.  Diesel black intermingled he was definitely in a big diesel truck.  I searched, but there were no traces of any other smell.  So he was alone.  I leaped aboard a truck which headed in the same direction.  The city fell behind and the mountains rose up ahead.  Suddenly the trail veered off the road.  I jumped off and rolled straight into a solid oak tree.  Something cracked.  As I started to sit up I saw the grey coming off of the fungus I had landed on.

I also saw heat radiating off of a diesel truck.  There was a man leaning on it watching me.  As soon as I got up, I threw a punch straight at his face.  Instead of connecting with his nose, my hand connected with the truck window.  Glass punctured my hand.  The man took the opportunity of my surprised pain and kicked my feet out from under me.  His dexterity didn’t cease to amaze me.  In the time that I was falling to the ground he shot a punch straight to the my shoulder.  It caused me to cart-wheel through the air and onto the ground.  My gun dropped from my hand and skid to under the truck.  I looked up only to get a kick to the face.  I could feel, and smell, the blood start to come from my nose.

Luckily for me, I had been in a couple of fights before.  I swung my hand out just as his foot came back from the kick.  I grabbed his ankle and pulled.   He flung out onto the ground just next to me.  I jumped to my feet to get the advantage.  I looked down at the murderer.  I looked down at  many different smells.  This was the man I was looking for.  This was my enemy.  He too, had two different colors in his eyes.  His eyes, however, didn’t see smell.  His eyes saw how things worked.  Mostly, his eyes saw the flaws in bank vaults and rich men’s windows.   He made the ultimate criminal.  But I had found him.  It was done.  I could now relax.

I heard the police sirens approach us.  I kicked out his hand as he grabbed for my gun.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.  Not this time.”  I said as I looked down at him.  I  could literally see the smell of his strong emotions, defeat, fear, and… and… and  there was something else.  I could smell… respect.  He respected me for catching him.  I had done what no one could do before me.   The sergeant  pulled up and stepped out of his car.  As he walked past me to put the handcuffs on the criminal, he shouldered me straight into the truck.  Ouch, that was going to leave a bruise in the morning.


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