Black Market

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Sci-Fi
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Authors Note: This is a little project that I got started on in my Fantasy/Sci-Fi class.  It is just a little bit of free writing.  Tell me what you think!

Austin typed madly on his keyboard.  If he didn’t finish soon his parents would get home and find him with a computer.  A computer of all things!  Who would have ever guessed that Austin had a computer?  His parents were out to dinner and thought that he was at home reading a book about mining.  No.  He couldn’t possibly stand one more Government book about mining.  Not since he had learned about computers.

The Government had outlawed computers years ago.  The history books said that they had been banned along with cell-phones, music players, and radios in 1941 because of viruses ruining the Government databases, but Austin knew otherwise.  He had found out while…. reading that they actually hadn’t been banned until 2015.  Then after he found out that it had only been 50 years, he started trying to get his hands on one.

Chapter 1

It started with him making a few more friends.  He realized that if he was going find the most illegal thing in the country, that he was going to have to find some people to help him out with it. He started hanging out with people like Brody May.  Brody was one of those kids that you generally steer clear of.  He was always lurking in the back of the classroom.  His hair was straight and sharp, giving it the look of an edge. It was pitch black with highlights of dark green running through it making him look even more dangerous.  He was rumored to have all sorts of things on the black-market. He had been arrested six times for the illegal sale of items.  But every time the Government had to release him for the lack of evidence.  No one wanted to get on his bad side.  He was the kind of kid that could make some serious trouble for you.

Austin decided to approach him one day during their lunch break.  He slowly gained Brody’s trust and they eventually became friends.  It had only taken him three months.  He was expecting much longer due to the fact of how careful Brody had to be in order to not leave any evidence or witnesses for the Government to find.  Austin had to do all sorts of small tasks and dangerous drop offs before Brody would even admit that he sold other things than just music players.  It was a security precaution that Brody always took.  Normally, risking your freedom to deliver an illegal item just for a friendship would get rid of all of the spies.

Then he finally let Austin start to deliver bigger things such as radios and cell-phones.  After a few more weeks of that, Brody decided that Austin was a trusted source.  He began to let him make sales and collect thirty-percent of the profit of those.  To make any real money, you had to pick up cash in strange alley ways with people that might just kill you.  It took real nerve to attempt and even more skill to survive.  More than once, Austin found himself delivering an item he had sold only to find out that the buyer didn’t want to pay but would rather just kill him instead.  He had learned the hard way how to escape a potential killer in the streets without the police noticing.  Now he was truly in on Brody’s business.

“Look,” Brody said one day after school, “I’m going to give you a really big assignment here.  You don’t have to take it if you don’t want to.” He paused for a second and looked around.  They were standing in an alley way between two grocery stores. “I have a very big potential customer, but he has some very big friends in some very big places.  I need someone to be my face.  So far we’ve only communicated through cell-phone so he doesn’t know what I look like.  I can’t let him know who I actually am so that I can pull out at anytime. Now, this is where I want you.  You’ve been working with me for a while now and I think you know your way around street… etiquette.  So, if you want to, I will split this deal with you fifty-fifty.”  Austin looked up at the top story of the building and then back down at Brody.

“I don’t know man, it sounds pretty dangerous.  Not even you will meet with him face to face.”  His voice stayed even, not giving away that the adrenaline pumping through his body almost made him jump up and down.  Brody was opening his mouth to speak, but Austin cut him off. “It does sound pretty fun, pretending to be Black-market Brody.  And if it’s as big as you say, I should get a pretty nifty profit out of it. So what do I need to do?”
Brody smiled a wicked smile. “Okay, first, let’s talk about the customer.” Brody put his arm around Austin and they started to walk. “His name is Joseph Expo, he’s an Arabic translator for the government.  He has been working with some pretty dangerous people but he’s finally realized that he can make twice what he’s making now if he starts to work with them.  He wants to be the liaison between us and his clients.”

“Arabic!  That’s a pretty high position!  Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Austin interjected excitedly.

Brody was quiet for a minute as they turned onto Shiri’qa Drive.  Arabic was spoken by the mercenary groups of the Government: CIA, FBI, etc.  Basically, they were dealing with people that could crush anybody. “No, I’m not sure it’s a safe idea, but the benefit of this risk is massive.  We would have a contact in the Government and we would make a bigger profit to make our business into a company.”

“Okay, I’ll do it, but that fifty-percent better be good.”  They turned another corner and saw a police man a few yards away.

“Well, that’s all I needed to ask. “ Brody’s voice dropped to less than a whisper, “For the first couple of weeks, you are going to only talk to him by email, which means you are going to need a computer.  I’ll have one dropped off at the pick-up by tomorrow.  Then you will be responsible for your own well being.  Remember, this is really risky, don’t mess anything up.”  Brody dropped his arm and turned into another alley way.  Austin stood there for another minute and then began to walk again.

He had been preparing for this moment since he had met Brody.  He had already hollowed out a space in the bottom of an air-vent in the floor of his room where he could keep it.  Now he just had to learn how to use one.

Chapter 2

            Austin walked into the library the next morning.  He looked at the shelves where they kept the non-fiction book.  Le’ts see, he thought, I need something simple enough to be a school project, but strange enough to be in the back room of the archives… He scanned the section he was in and found a book on rare diseases.  Perfect he thought it’s been gone long enough that it should be in the back room but it’s a good mystery to do a school report on.  He grabbed a random book and put five dollars into it.  When he closed it he could just barely see the bill sticking out of the bottom.

He walked over to a lone kid at one of the long tables and tapped him on the shoulder. “What do you want?” The kid asked.

“Hey, I’ll pay you five bucks if you call the librarian to help you with something in about five minutes okay?” Austin could tell this kid was suspicious, but he knew that he would take it for five bucks.

“Deal.” The kid went back to reading his book on behavioral psychology and how it pertains to prison.  Austin slipped the book onto the table in front of the boy and started to walk towards the librarian. Hmmmm, he thought, how to phrase this question.

“Hi, I’m looking for a book on the radical electrons found in the cells of a human.  Do you by chance have anything on that?” The librarian slowly looked up with the I hate children look on his face.

“Did you check the shelves?”  Austin nodded. “Okay, how bout you come look in the back room with me.”  The man gestured towards a door that was behind the counter.  Austin walked through a little gate and followed the man into the room.  The place was stacked full of books.  Shelves and shelves of them lined the walls, and there were piles of them on the floor and on the desks. “Okay, cancer would probably fall under extinct diseases so… it should be right over there.” The librarian pointed.  Austin began to walk over to the pile when he heard the kid calling.

“Librarian!  Librarian!  I need some help with this book.  The page has fallen out!”

“Well, I have to go and attend to that. So you get what you want.”  The librarian drawled as he walked out of the room.  As soon as he was out of sight, Austin ran over to the section on electronics.


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