This website is obviously a breakfast cereal that is made of stories.  I, Danny, am the author.  My goal is to write a bunch of short stories to inspire all of you!… and to work on my overall writing.

I am also just starting to work on my first big project.  To view what I have so far go and visit the “Project #1” page.  I will post by chapters or parts of chapters and then put it all together on that page.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments on my project feel free to leave them on this page.

Also, feel free to criticize and edit my stories, I can always use a little bit of extra help.  Also, I love it when people leave comments so don’t be afraid.  Thanks!  Hope you all enjoy my stories.


  1. Feel free to criticize and edit?! Well perhaps I shall, kind sir!

    I am going to check you’re site out. Best wishes to you writers of short stories!

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