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Nora’s Doll

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Horror
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Nora sat up abruptly as she woke up from the nightmare she was having. She looked around the room making sure that the clown wasn’t trying to find her. The blinds on the window were open just a crack, letting moonlight stream through and make a pattern on the floor. Her door was open showing a dark hallway right outside of her bedroom. The house creaked, making Nora swing her head back to the closet. Could there be something out there, she thought. She began to lie back down, trying not to think about it. As her head hit the pillow, she realized that she didn’t have her doll with her. She had fallen asleep on the way home from Grandma’s house, and her dad had carried her to her bed. But he had forgotten one of the most important things: Nora’s favorite doll Sally. She had been sleeping with her since she was two. There was no way that she was going to fall back asleep without it.
Still trying to not think about the window, she threw the covers aside and gingerly put her bare feet on the ground. The carpet in her bedroom was soft, making her more at ease. She began tip-toeing over to the door, trying not to make any noise. When she got to the door, she poked her head out just enough to see into the hallway. Nope, no clown there either. She stepped onto the cold hard-wood floor. From behind her, she heard the creaking sound again. She whirled around to only see the old grandfather clock sitting against the wall. It read 1:54. She had been sleeping for three whole hours.
She turned back to the matter at hand. She crept down the hallway, passing her parents room, the dining room, and her little brother’s room. Now there were only two closed doors left at the end of the hallway, the playroom and the storage room. Nora hated the storage room. It had all of the ugly forgotten things in it. Luckily she wouldn’t have to go in there; she would just have to run passed it. She stood about four feet in front of the storage room door, working up her courage and getting ready to run the rest of the way. A small creak behind her made up her mind. She bolted to the playroom, ran inside, and closed the door behind her.
As she caught her breath, she turned around to face the rest of the playroom. It’s very dark in here, she thought. She looked around, still trying to find the clown. Nothing there either. She spotted sally on the windowsill, a slits of moonlight shining on her through the open blinds. Another creak behind the door made Nora jump. She ran to the window-sill and grabbed Sally. As she hugged sally, she noticed that there was a small tear her beautiful green dress. She looked at the tear, wondering how it got there.
Nora heard the door began to open and immediately jumped behind a rocking horse to hide from the clown. She watched from in between the horse’s legs as the door opened more. When it had opened enough, somebody walked in. Nora started shaking. What do I do if the clown finds me? Where do I go? She started looking for an escape route. When she swung her head back to see where the clown was, she saw its feet standing right in front of the horse.
“Nora, what are you doing here? I thought that you were asleep.” Her mom’s voice rang through the darkness. “Why are you hiding behind a rocking horse?”
“Sorry Mom,” Nora responded. “I woke up and I couldn’t go back to sleep without Sally, I had to come get her. Then I thought you were the evil clown from my dream and I hid behind the rocking horse.” Nora started to stand up when there was a small thump from behind her. She turned to see another one of her dolls on the floor. Her mom walked over and put it back on the shelf, right in between her doll with the red dress, and her doll with a blue dress.
“Okay, well now you can go back to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.” Her mom began to walk towards the door.
“Wait, Mommy!” Nora cried, “Sally’s dress is ripped, can you fix it?” Her mom took the doll room her carefully and looked at the rip. She played with the fabric in between her thumb and forefinger.
“Yeah, I think I can, but it will have to wait till tomorrow. Now you go right to bed and I’ll see you and Sally at breakfast.” She gave back Sally and walked out of the room. Nora started to follow behind her and realized that she hadn’t said goodbye to the other dolls. She turned back around looking towards the dolls. The doll that had fallen had switched places with the doll in the blue dress. Hmmm . . . I swear that you were in the middle. She thought on it for a minute more and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. She had forgotten to say goodbye to the other dolls.
As the door closed, the doll with the blue dress blinked.


The Crunchy Tuna

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Horror, Random
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Authors Note:  I wrote this almost a year ago so I’m not guaranteeing it’s the best version yet.  It is still has a long way to go I think.  Hopefully my quick proofread will help.

A scream came from down the hall.  Josie ran down to see what the matter was.  As soon as she walked into the room, she gasped.  She knew why Marianne had screamed.  There, on the floor was Jake, dead.

“What happened?!” asked Josie.

“I-I-I have no c-clue,” replied Marianne, “I was c-coming to give him a p-paper and I found him l-like this.  What should we do?”

“I’ll go and phone the police!”  Said Josie as she walked out of the room.

Minutes later Detective Bradon walked out of the room talking to        Dr. Mycenae.  He put something in his pocket. Dr. Mycenae said something to the detective and then the detective nodded.

“You are very lucky and yet unlucky.” Said Dr. Mycenae.

Two paramedics rushed into the room where Jake lay.

“He is alive, but only barely. From what we see, he was clubbed on the head with an unknown object, and then he was poisoned.”

“That’s horrible!!” Exclaimed Marianne. “Shouldn’t we do something?”

“That is why this very amazing detective is here.” Said the doctor. “He will piece together the mystery and catch the criminal.”

Dr. Mycenae left with the paramedics who were carrying Jake.

“Is there anyone else that works here?” he asked.

“Yes and no. You see, he quit a while ago.  His name was Fred.” Said Marianne.

“Let me look around for a bit.” Said Bradon

He looked around the hallway.  Then he went into Marianne’s office.  They followed him.

“Nothing here.” he said after a fast but good check.

After they checked a couple rooms like the kitchen, the front office, and the attic, they entered Josie’s room.  They looked a bit before he opened a drawer.

“What goes here?” He asked.

“My first aid kit.” Josie replied.

“What was in it?” Bradon asked.

“Well, there are bandages, scissors, gauze, sleeping injection and…” Josie stopped talking dead in her tracks.  “Could they have s-stolen i-it?”

“Either you are the murder or they stole it, yes.” Replied Bradon.  He kept searching.

After searching for along time, he stopped by Josie’s desk.

“Hey, Marianne, why did Fred quit anyway?” asked Josie.

“Because,” said the detective, “they got into a fight.”

“Ok” said Josie.

“Maybe the most unlikely place.” He suddenly said.

He pulled his hand out of his pocket and opened Josie’s sandwich.

“Nope, it’s not in here.  I will be back.”  He said as he left the office building.

Marianne sat there and ate her sandwich.  Umm, this tuna is so moist and soft. She thought. I wish I could have it this way every day.  Hmm, I wander if tuna is any good if it is crunchy.

Josie sat in her office looking out the window.  Sure is a nice view from here.  I’m hungry she thought, I’ll eat my sandwich.  Umm, this is good, but why is it crunchy, tuna isn’t crunchy, it’s supposed to be moist.  Maybe it’s the new brand. Oh well. Ohhh, I’m getting so tired, she yawned.

It had been exactly three days since Jake had been hurt.  Marianne sat in her office and ate her sandwich.  Oh, this P-B-and J is so good.

Josie sat in her office. Oh this tuna is so good. I should get this brand more often. There was a scratching sound.  Stupid rats. She thought, Why don’t we go and get a trap to put in the office.

“Hey Marianne,” she yelled, “go put a mouse trap in the attic.”

“Ok, just let me find one.” Marianne replied.

Josie listened to the footsteps of Marianne fade as she went to the attic.

Then the rats stopped.  Josie heard footsteps.  She turned to see a man in a black overcoat pointing a gun at her.

“W-who are you?” she managed to stutter.

A familiar voice spoke. “Your worst nightmare.”

He started to pull the trigger when something tackled him.  In fact, two people tackled him.  It was Marianne and somebody else.  The someone else took the gun and pointed it at him.  The somebody else looked at me.  It was Jake, but he looked very sick.

“I knew his plans.”  Jake said. “He only tried to murder me twice.  I’ve been up in the attic for a day and all I could do was scratch.”

“So that was you?” Josie said, “That means that Marianne untied you?  Then who is this?”

“This” said Jake “is your favorite detective Bradon.”

Yeah!!” said a gruff voice, “and I almost had you. If the stupid container would have killed you.”

“What c-container?” asked Josie.

The sleep medicine that I put in your sandwich.” he replied.

Josie spit about twenty times then she called the police.  She explained what had happened.

“So the real Bradon was at his office the whole time okay, so who is this?”

“It’s Fred.” Jake replied.

“So,” said Marianne, “that’s why he knew why Fred quit.”

“Yep.” said Jake.

“Ok,” Josie into the receiver. “This is Fred an old worker of ours.  He got into a fight with another client and so he quit.  He had apparently come back for revenge.”

She hung up.

“They’re coming to pick him up now.”

They all soon started a detective business.  Jake became a major detective and solved many mysteries that the police couldn’t.

Marianne was his secretary.  She worked day and night.  Last but not least was Josie.  She worked as a double.  Most of the time, she would work with Marianne as a second secretary, but every once in a while, she would double as a detective.

“I need two of you guys to run the concert tonight.” Mr. Faulk said.

He needed somebody to run the Grand Concert for the very last night.  Two kids raised their hands for volunteering.  One of them had long brown hair with a tint of red.  her eyes were also brown to match her hair.  her name was Mikayla, but she went by Kayla.

The other kid that raised his hand had brown hair that had blonde highlights at the tips.  His eyes were a piercing hazel.  His name was Adam.

“Okay, you guys get the job.”  Mr. Faulk continued.  “Since you guys have never ran the grand concert before, I’ll explain it in the auditorium. ”

The class got up and started walking towards the auditorium.

“So, you excited for the concert tonight?” Adam asked Kayla.

“Of course  I am!”  she replied in her sweet high voice.  “I’ve been wanting to run this concert all year.”

They reached the auditorium.  Mr. Faulk unlocked the doors and they proceeded to enter.

The auditorium was dark.  They could only see into the front two rows of the chairs.

One of the other class members flipped the lights on.

On stage they could see the bleacher like stands that the choir would stand on, to the right of that was a spot for Orchestra, and in front of all that was the bands area.

“Okay,” Mr. Faulk started. “you’ll need to get six wireless mics, for the orchestra, six corded mics for the band, and the choir teacher has her own mics that you’ll have to set up.”

“Then, one of you will run the lights for the show and the other will work the sound board.  After the show, turn everything off and go clean-up the stage.”

“I call working the sound board.” Kayla called.

“Fine, I guess I’ll work the lights.” Adam said with a sarcastic depression in his voice.

“Ok, see-yah-then!”Kayla called to Adam.

“Yep, see-yah-then.” Adam replied just as the bell rang.

A few hours later, Adam walked towards the front doors of the school.  He pulled open one of the doors and started to walk down the hall.  When he reached the auditorium doors he pulled them open only to find out that Kayla was already there.  In fact, she was already setting the mics up.

Adam helped her finish up the last of the mics.

“So, why’d you come so early?” Adam asked Kayla.

“Oh, I didn’t have anything to do, so I thought I’d come over here and start setting up.” She replied.

She was working on the sound board and was concentrating on setting the EQ levels.  Adam started to adjust the lights.

It was so silent that Adam could literally feel it in his ears.  He couldn’t take it any longer.   “Wasn’t it kind of creepy being in here alone?” Adam asked, breaking the wall of silence.

“Oh, not really, I knew I wasn’t going to die or anything.  If somebody died it would definitely be you.”

“Really, and why is that?” Adam asked.

“Well, first of all, I’m a girl.  Nobody wants to kill a girl.  Second of all I don’t have any enemies or anything.”  Adam was about to reply but the principal came out just then.  He announced the assembly and everything.

After two hours of singing and the sound of playing instruments, people started to file out of the auditorium.  The concert had gone very smoothly.  All of the mics had been positioned perfectly, and the EQ levels were also set perfectly.

Adam and Kayla started to clean everything up.

A half-an–hour later, Kayla had to leave.

“I told my mom I’d be back by nine and it’s already nine-thirty. ” Kayla told Adam.  “I’ll probably be in  enough trouble already.”

“Ok, I’ll finish cleaning.  See-yah-later.”  Adam said.

Kayla ran out of the auditorium, leaving Adam one of the few people in the school.  In fact, there were only three people in the school.  A janitor and two students.

All Adam had to do now was put the mic chords away.  He started to walk up to the tech booth with all of the mic chords in hand.  The only sound he could hear were his own footsteps.  He slowly opened the door into the dark booth and proceeded to put the mic chords away.

Then, he turned off all of the lights in the auditorium.  He was about to leave when he heard something in the auditorium.  It sounded like someone was walking on the stage.  From the booth, he peered into the blackness of the dark.  all he could see was a nothingness so deep, he could be in space.

he opened the door and started to carefully walk down the steps.  By then, the footsteps had long stopped.

This made him very nervous,  Whoever it was could literally be anywhere.  He cautiously made his way to the door.

It wasn’t until ten feet from the door when he noticed them.  In the very corner, where the darkness was thickest, stood a figure.  As soon as Adam saw them, he bolted past and through the double doors.  He was aware of only three things.

One, a gunshot had rang out behind him.  That meant that the person was trying to kill him.  Two, the steps of someone chasing him, and three, only a few emergency lights were on.  This caused shadows of every proportion were thrown everywhere.

Adrenaline was pumping in Adam now.  He heard another deafening gunshot behind him.  The bullet ricocheted off of the wall above his head.  He put on another burst of speed.

By this time he had reached the stairs.  He was starting to go up but made a last minute decision and changed his mind.  His shoulder slammed into the corner of the wall.  Pain flew through Adam as he continued to run.

He was now in the gym hall.  He turned back to see his pursuer was not yet in the same hall.  Seeing this,  he took a quick right and flew into the locker room.

The room was dark.  Darker even, then the auditorium had been.  He found a corner by the lockers and huddled up in a ball.

The darkness pressed in on him.  He felt like it was suffocating him.  His heart was pumping so fast it was literally making his whole body heave, but that wasn’t event the worst part.  his breathing was very heavy, a sure give away if they came in here.  The smell of sweat and deodorant were strong in his nose, so strong in fact, that he could taste them.

Besides his breathing, he could only hear the persons footsteps.  They stopped right outside of the locker room door.  He heard the door creak open slowly.  He immediately took a huge breath and stopped breathing.  The footsteps continued to get closer.  They stopped right in front of him.  A flashlight turned on.  It was pointed directly at Adam.  Adam could feel his mind start to black out.

The hand holding the flashlight belonged to a girl.  The nails were long and painted bright pink.  Adam knew those nails.  His eyes traveled to the girls face.

He had been right.  Towering above him stood Kayla.  She was smiling.  At first Adam started to laugh.  He thought that the whole thing had been a cruel joke.  Then he noticed the gun.  This time, he blacked out completely.  Kayla bent down and kissed Adam’s forehead.

“Goodbye.” She whispered.

At the same time, on the other side of the school an old man, the janitor, was mopping up the last hallway.  he heard a bang from somewhere.

He looked up a little startled.

“It was only something falling.” He muttered to himself.  “Or, I’m just going crazy,  just going crazy.”