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Okay, so I want to see what you guys write. I went and found a creative writing prompt in some random far off unknown place of the internet. I want you guys to leave a comment that answers the prompt.

Here’s the Prompt:

In a paragraph describe the setting for a haunted house.


I’ll post mine too.

The house is painted dark gray. The paint is literally peeling back from the mildew encrusted walls. There is one window in the room. The glass has turned yellow with age causing the light shafts to be a dark, musty, yellow. Dust floats around the room, only to be seen in the light. There are two couches in the room. Both are covered in dust clothes that flow over the floor giving them ghostly looks. In the corner, there is a scorched fireplace with logs still in it. The carpet is the color of dried blood. It gives off the smell of antiques that everybody knows so well. The lights in the room are old style lamps on the walls. The glass on most are cracked, and none of them work anymore. The door into the room is newer. It is an dark oak door with the grains of wood are seen throughout.

Hopefully that was okay. Please give me any kind of help! Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your own paragraph. I really want to see how you guys write!